Life Is a Circle

Michael A Goze Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin   “It’s important that if we want our community to survive, that we be part in helping people live. Organ donation is a way of helping people live.”   Back to all conversations

If Donation Was Alive

If donation was alive, what would she look like? Donor mom Hawona Sullivan Janzen answers this question.   Back to all conversations

The Story of Clarence

Clarence Jones is the Outreach Director for QHealth Connections, a division of Southside Community Health Services. Clarence shares his interest in promoting conversations about organ, eye and tissue donation in the African American community in the Twin Cities as part of the #TalkDonation campaign.   Back to all conversations

Donor. Recipient. Leader. Son.

Cassandra Holmes Mother of Trinidad Flores Trinidad Flores was a leader.  Little He played football, baseball and basketball. If there was a program in the community, Trinidad was involved. He circulated a petition to save the community’s Ojibwe language class. He was a role model, a friend, a brother. “He was 14 years old when […]

Turn Tragedy Into a Positive

Thomas Wyatt, MD Loyal Shawnee & Quapaw Tribe I am an emergency physician. I practice emergency medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center and I am a registered member of the Shawnee and Quapaw tribes of Oklahoma. I grew up in Oklahoma and my American Indian family are all from Oklahoma. There are so many things […]

The Most Beautiful Gift You Can Give

Patina Park Cheyenne River Sioux   I am proud to be Native American because it’s who I am. It’s the essence and the core of everything I feel, believe, and experience. It sets up my world view, how I react, communicate, and connect with everyone across the world. It grounds me in the very soil […]

The Dance of Donation

Aleks Kukk Ojibway My name is Aleks and I am a part of the Ojibway Nation. My Ojibway name is Evening Day Star. I’m proud to be an American Indian and take part in our tradition of dance. I like to dance because it helps me relax, makes me feel good, and keeps me fit. […]