“Start a Conversation Because It Could Be You.”

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Donation Begins with a Conversation

Talking about death and dying is tough. Understandably, many of us avoid the subject and may have a difficult time bringing up the topic with family and loved ones. We’re here to help.
Sharing your wishes about what you want to happen at the end of your life is important – including your thoughts and decisions about organ, eye and tissue donation. Having these discussions before circumstances force the issue is a gift to both you and your family. It makes a difficult time a little easier.

Starting the Conversation

Here are a few ways to start the conversation about end-of-life:
  1. “I saw _______ , on a bus stop the other day and went to the website connected to it, TALK DONATION, I think that we should have a conversation with our family about organ donation…”
  2. “Did you know that as of today, there are _______ , American Indian people in Minnesota who are waiting for a transplant? Do you know anyone who may need that kind of help?”
  3. “I want to show you this amazing video I just watched. _______ was talking about how he feels about being an organ donor…I never even though of that before…”
  4. “I just saw _______ on a poster at the Indian Center, I think our family needs to know more about organ donation.”
  5. “Before you get your drivers license, I want to talk with you about the “organ donor” box. It is important to know what that means for you, for us (as your family), and for our community…”

Discussing Donation

Check out some ideas on how to bring up the topic of organ, eye and tissue donation:
  1. Mention a recent news story about donation – check out our Facebook page for ideas.
  2. Share a story about donation or end of life and use that to kick off the conversation.
  3. Talk about someone you know who is waiting for a transplant or whose loved one was a donor.
  4. If you are registered as a donor on your license or ID, take it out and admire your photo – then share that it says DONOR on the front.

The Conversation Project

The Conversation Project offers a free Conversation Starter Kit to help people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. However, it doesn’t mention organ, eye and tissue donation. If you have questions about donation we’re here to help. Contact us and we’ll be in touch.
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