Aleks Kukk


Aleks Kukk | Talk Donation

My name is Aleks and I am a part of the Ojibway Nation. My Ojibway name is Evening Day Star.

I’m proud to be an American Indian and take part in our tradition of dance. I like to dance because it helps me relax, makes me feel good, and keeps me fit. When we dance, we dance because we’re happy.

I used to have a lot of issues with my back. It was painful and I would need to sit or limp. When I was 14 I had a back surgery and received a tissue donation that helped with my recovery. The tissue transplant helped me grow, stand up right, and my back didn’t hurt anymore. Because of that donation I am able to walk, breathe, dance, and play sports much better. I couldn’t play sports when I didn’t have the tissue transplant, but now I play soccer, I’ve lettered in floor hockey and was rookie of the year in softball.

Some of the most important aspects of American Indian culture are family and community. When I think about organ and tissue donation, the first thing that comes to mind is helping others. When people are sick or in need, donation is a way to be kind and helpful. I am thankful for my tissue transplant and hope that more people make the choice to be a donor.